Trekker = Motion Innovation
Motion Innovation

"Trekker" - stylish personal electric transportation solution that enables a fast paced, young and environmentally friendly life style

Fully electric, zero emission & environmentally friendly

Plug in - can be easily recharged using any household socket


Quiet and quick

Practical and safe

No helmet requirement *

Durable & reliable

Dutch product warranty

Road Legal - RDW fully approved (according to EU directive L1E)

Can be personally customized, Accessories

Low maintenance cost

Suitable for urban use, public transport travel and commuting

* Depending on local regulations in each country

The "Trekker" is manufactured and assembled in Holland by Motion Innovation Holland B.V.

Motion Innovation creates products that serve the rapidly growing need for Accessible, affordable, eco-friendly urban transportation, freeing individuals & empowering them to take a personal role in reducing carbon emissions.